Is my girlfriend coming back?

So me and my girlfriend broke up 2 months ago.. She told me she needed a break, and I was being very child like by crying for her, begging her back etc. Well she started ignoring all my texts, not answering my phone calls. Well I sent her a message on Facebook saying the breakup was my fault and that I still loved her. I asked her if she read it, and she said yeah, and we kinda small talked, but nothing serious.. But she is talking to me again on and off.. Mostly short answers, but she is answering unlike the last month or so. She did say she didn't know what she wanted, and that she was scared to let me go completely., but she couldn't make me wait for her.

the reason She broke up with me because I smothered her. I always asked are you leaving me? etc all the time. She never showed me anything wrong I was just scared.

in the message I sent her I explained it was all my fault, and that I promise I'll change. That I know what I did wrong, and it'll be better. She said she read it. Then it was small talk and nothing, she went to bed. What I'm stuck on is she told me she had a lot going on, but she was scared to let me go. That she couldn't make me wait, but didn't know what she wanted.


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  • Good grief man, no you shat the bed.

    Sorry to be blunt but you said and did every thing wrong, just plain wrong, work on putting yourself in the other persons shoes in future.

    How freaking clingy, emotional and too invested in you and therefore uncomfortable would you feel with some one reacting like what you described you did?

    LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE FIRST! then been a sensitive soul like yourself you'll be keeping the ladies off you with a stick. BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST DO YOUR OWN THING, BE INDEPENDENT, people have a hard enough time making their own decisions in life with out feeling the onus/obligation for some one elses well being.


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  • Sorry but she's not coming back, that's what I think. Just back off and learn from your mistake.

    I personally would feel suffocated if a guy was being too clingy and always claiming he's afraid of losing me (like being really insecure)..

    Good luck with whatever you do, though. :)

  • you don't really know whether she will come back or not... just give her some time... don't text her, don't call her, don't even look at her... if she wants to be with you she'll come back.


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  • Good god, man. I don't blame her at all for leaving you. There is nothing worse than a partner who smothers you. You both need to have your own lives and space without dealing with paranoia and accusations. That is not a healthy relationship.

    You need to learn to be confident and secure in yourself before you can be with a woman. Go see a therapist and find out the root cause of your lack of confidence and find a way to get better.

  • get some self respect, then start thinking about women.

  • Seriously, you're still smothering her and you're acting needy.. You need to move on and not contact her for at least a year.


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