I don't know who I should choose, I need help, and fast!

I'm in a relationship right now with Drake right now, he's a really nice guy, and I like him a lot.

But, yesterday Seth, the guy I used to be in love with, asked me to hang out with him. So, I did, and of course, my old feelings came back for him. He has hurt me though, I mean I never really dated Seth, but we had a "thing" then he just stopped talking to me. That's how we ended in the first place. Well, after we hung out the other night, he messaged me saying how much he missed me and how he messed up.

I want to give him another chance, but I'm scared the same thing will happen again, and plus I'm dating Drake.

I don't know who tho choose, I know Drake won't hurt me, he's the nice sweet guy, but I'm I like Seth more...

It's like I'm in love with the wrong guy.. So, who shall it be, Drake or Seth?


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  • No real man has a name like Drake or Seth.


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  • This seems to be the fate that nice guys will have isn't it. Well go with Seth you obviously like him more but I feel bad for Drake guy. Women just playing with him.

  • The heart wants what the heart wants. You already know who you want, but you're afraid of hurting someone. It's better to end it with the guy now before this gets out of control.

  • Go with who you like more...


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