Your boyfriend and your friend hang out without you there, would you be annoyed?

I trust them and this is only the second time, but still find it disrespectful, I'm annoyed, would you be? What should I say to each of them?


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  • Maybe they hung out because you were busy?

    • I feel like they should only hangout If I'm there...

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  • I definitely would be. Even if I trusted them, I would be highly uncomfortable with it.

    For one, you should be the bridge between your boyfriend and your best friend. Not that they can't be friends, but it's really weird and highly suspicious if they become friends because of you and then decide not to include you.

    Secondly, I don't know how much I would really trust it. I was once in a kind of three-person friendship with a guy and my best friend. I ended up getting with the guy and after we started going out she told me that she had liked him for a long time and was very jealous that I got with him and she wished it was her instead of me. Your trusted friend might not tell you these things, but they could be inside her heart. I'm not saying that they are, but it's a possibility to consider and you shouldn't turn a blind eye because of your blind trust.

    • Thanks for replying, I do trust them while of coarse that suspision is in the back of my heart. I really do trust that nothing happened though. I'm just really mad that he completely disreguarded my feelings on the matter...I brought it up and he said I shouldn't make it such a big deal, that they both love me. Even though I trust nothing happened I'm still pretty irratated, I would never do that because I think it's wrong but he sees nothing wrong with it because it apparently wasn't planned

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    • Thank you, I talked to him and he said it wasn't intended in any bad way and that he won't do that again ect ect

    • That's good. Best of luck.

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