How should I advance with this girl?

well I know this girl from high school, but I graduated a year ago and she's 2 years younger than me.

she works at an Italian ice place by my house and me and my friends go there sometimes to get ices.

today I went there, I we were flirting with each other a bit and she totally likes me. but I never see her out. the only place I see her is her job. its not busy so I can easily talk to her but what should I do?


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  • Since you guys are already into each other, I think it'd be easy to go to her workplace and after talking to her, ask her if she wants to hang out after work or whenever. And if she can't go because she's busy or something just ask for her phone number and reschedule. At least, that seems to be the easiest thing to do.

    Hope I helped you!

    • yeah I figured that's pretty much the best/only thing to do lol. thanks

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