What to do with this girl?

i know a girl now she's my friend. about 30guys have proposed her but she rejected all of that. when I asked my friends they said me that she hate love she is not interested in dating blah blah and all... but she is a very good girl and kinda friendly too.. in fact she doesn't even smile at her friends who are not so close to her but some how through a strange incident v both became friends and now I want to take it to the next step.. so what should I tell her guys I like her but am so definite that most probably shell reject me because of her behavior ...


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  • maybe she rejected them because she liked you... I think you should go for it. it seems like you have nothing to lose or holding you back... don't make yourself regret not asking her. . . you might be missing out on something big <3


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  • She will reject you. Move on from her...there are other girls who want long term. You will be rejected. She reminds me of myself. She will have fun with you and when it comes to commiting it will be a hell no. So, just find someone else...until she is ready to give up her ways.

    • actually why such girls behave like that. I think am handsome,am a good guy and havnt dated any one till now. and I know I can tc of her well than anyone else. :/

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    • No. It's just the feeling of being free. She might feel she is too young to settle.

    • oh... yea I got it.. but girls don't break boys hearts.. :(

  • Well I am in this ame situation, and the best thing I can tell you you will never know unless you tell her. But just don't com eout and tell her, get to know her talk have convos women like that and this one sems like she's a hard one. Then take her on a date or out to lunch stuff like that then tell her. Because you don't want to scare her off before you spend any time together.

    • this is really hard for me ri8 now you know..

      but I wil try :)

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  • clean up your spelling and add some paragraph spacing would be a great start.

    when women say they "hate love" or they are not interested in dating, what they are really saying to those rejected men is "I'm not into you. Sorry."

    If 30 guys has already made their feelings known, you know she's used to being asked out. Whatever you do, do not become one of those 30 guys. You need to stand out.

    You need to get her to think of you as a potential.

    -show that you are pre-selected by hanging out with other girls (especially beautiful ones) or currently in an open relationship. That will get her to start thinking about you.

    -intrigue her. Don't be predictable. Don't show up at functions where she expects to see you, then show up at places that you don't normally go (but she does).

    u are already friends with her. Take your time. 1-6 months. Don't rush it.

    • sorry thers a prob with my spacebar

      woo tht will b helpful thnxx

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