What does it mean if you tell a guy you like him, and...

I liked you the whole summer </3 #sassyprobs lol oh well


This whole time I thought I was unlikable

Yeah. And you def can be

Then nothing. I don't want it to go dead so... what's something cute I can say?


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  • Your grammar and punctuation is terrible. I have no idea who is saying what, and you want me to finish a sentence for you?

    Also... some people actually do this for a living. Why don't you just copy and paste out of Nicholas Sparks? ha ha that would work I think.

    • First of all... Chill out.

      Second of all, it was via text, but if you wanna get bitter about it, I'll break it down for you. I said to this person "I liked you this whole summer" his response was "really? I thought I was unlikeable" and I replied "yes, and you can be". Does this give you the proper information?

  • Well you sorta told him that you think he's a jerk sometimes, so I don't really know.

    You should just change the subject, ask about hanging out.


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