Is persistence hurting me?

So I met this girl through a friend we hung out in a group a couple of times and went on two dates, but during our second date I told her about how my friends and I rated all the girls in the group. This didn’t seem like a big deal and our date continued nicely, but the next day when I called her she told me she want to just be friends because I'm shallow(because I rated her friends). Since then she has ignored me and won’t talk to me even though I have tried a couple of times. I need to show her I wasn’t trying to be mean by rating them anyone know some good ways to show her and her friends I'm sorry. I was thinking to send them all flowers, but I don’t know their addresses.
Ok just because I rated them doesn't mean I spoke poorly of them. If they knew the numbers they would all be happy, but my point is its not something that can't be worked out. I apologized to her friends and they said it was OK and they understood it was just "guy talk" but the girl I like is still mad :/.


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  • Learn what to talk about with your broskis and what to talk about with your date! Dissing a girl's friends never works well -- guys sometimes think that telling a girl that her friends are ugly will make her feel special, but it really doesn't work that way. It makes her think that you only care about her for looks, no matter how many times you try to prove otherwise. It'd be like a girl saying, "I like you more than your friends because you earn more and I'd love to get my hands on that money!" If that isn't a red flag to you -- you need to raise your criteria!

    Chances are, a girl who doesn't give you a chance after pulling a single red flag, however, isn't really interested anyway. Most people will use a "wait and see" attitude if they were really interested beforehand, but people who aren't so interested will use it as to move you out of the "wait and see" category into the "pass on" category.


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  • I would do the same thing if I was her.

    I hate when guys act all cocky and arrogant rating women as if they are gods and sh*t.

    *Hindsight* you shouldn't have arrogantly rated her friends because now she thinks you are an arrogant douchebag..and might feel a little unsure of what her appearance looks like to you.

    • We were not doing it to be cocky, we were just getting each others perspectives. I did note how the girls could improve themselves, but even I could improve myself. I didn't mean anything by it, I like this girl and I want to show her and her friends I'm sorry. If I was so arrogant I wouldn't be trying so hard to make things right.

    • Yes, I know...but her first impression of you is sticking on her mind like glue.

      Don't judge the way people look...especially her friends. what you feel is right. Send them flowers with an apology and etc.

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  • why don't you just cut your d*** off in front of her?

    you should never EVER talk about her friends.

    forget about her. no game bro.

    • Settle down, bro. I don't think it was a big deal everyone judges people in their heads.

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    • exactly. you should have thought about respect before you opened your mouth and "rated" her friends.

      you, incapable wannabe, don't deserve any respect. not from me not from her.

    • At least I was honest wasn't trying to "bang" her. You're filth who fakes your way with women to screw. I would rather be myself and fail than just do anything to screw the girl.

  • You're too blunt, she's too sensitive.

    I'd move on.

    • I know I'm too blunt, I have been trying to work on it :(. But she is a good person and I know it can be fixed if I just approach it the right way... Thank you though

    • Uh did you score her friends higher then her?

    • Lol, I never told her the #'s just that we rated them.

  • You talked about the friends like a moron, chalk this one up in the "no success" column.

  • yeah you never talk about her friends eeeeveeer!


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