Infuriates me to my core and then some...

I have this friends that I messed around with for a while and then he introduced me to my ex and we never talked (ex and him had a HUGE falling out). Well before I met my ex I had feelings for this guy and slowly started pulling away because I didn't want to get hurt. Well 4 years later I'm single and we tried to hang out but all he wants to do is get sh*tfaced.

He got wasted and picks arguments for no reason and compares himself to my ex and the last time he was drunk he said he loved me. (Of course when I asked him if he remembered saying anything the night before he said no).

So I have started to develop feelings for him,but he infuriates me, like we have moments when we are like great and comfortable but then there are times when he infuriates me more than anyone ever has and he just laughs and smiles and thinks its funny. Like he loves to tell me about other girls that he is trying to hook up with and what not. He does it on purpose, he knows just how to push my buttons and get me riled up. We came from completely different lifestyles which due to the economy have recently flipped. Ever since he has known me I have been really fortunate and well off and careless with money but now he is the one that is finally on top and he loves to throw that in my face as a joke.

We are both in our later 20s I'm going to be 25 next month and he's 28 so I don't know if I should just cut the crap and just tell him how I feel and see what he says (even though I pretty sure if he was sober he would just laugh it off and say something stupid about how I'm his girl but not like that) but I know I can't just be friends with him. I hope this makes sense.

Plus if I do tell him I am developing feeling for him how to I go about it? I really really have anxiety about being rejected.


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  • Tell him to get straight or find somebody else worth your time.

    Short answer, sorry, best of luck :-)


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  • I think you should go ahead and tell him, whenever you're comfortable with him.


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  • I don't know why you want to be treated like that, I'd advise against hanging out with him. I can't separate people into their good and bad parts and focus on their good only and forget about the bad until it happens. I like to take all of who they are in every situation into consideration and think of them with that full perspective. Is this a person I can deal with / put up with / support / communicate with?

    I can't tell you how to tell him how you feel because I feel so strongly against you doing so.


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