So there is this one girl?

ok I met her sister out here in Afghanistan I am in the army and I am not sure what to do she is a amazing person I love talking to her she is 26 I am 21 she has been married before for 3 years and divorced she is in the reserves for the army and working a finance job she works about 10 hours every day at this job its crazy she also is pregnant by her ex boyfriend that she no longer talks to just was a sperm downer on that part we make silly mistakes in are life and we can make them into something amazing he wants nothing to do with the kid and she is not putting anything on him ether she wants absolutely nothing to do with him so that's it no ex in her that's it. OK so I i really like her I plan on eventually going back home and taking her on a first date she will all ready have her kid by then also. I am stationed in Hawaii and she is in Michigan how would this ever work unless we got married? should I do a spontaneous thing and go for it or should I just move on Finnish my two years in Hawaii in the army then move on to college kinda just forgetting about her she is super nice and I like her what do I do any suggestions?


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  • I'm sorry but learn to use punctuation. I got a headache from trying to read and actually understand what you were saying.

    Anyways, think about it, are you ready to be with her and raise her child? That could be hard since it's not yours..

    • sorry about that just kinda started to write and did not stop till I finished, I am not sure if I am or not I am just unsure what to do at this point..

    • Look, when she gives birth, she won't be able to work so somebody has to support both the woman and the baby. Are you ready to change your life for a woman you barely know?

      Also, I'm sure that her ex will try and see the kid at some point, so are you ready to deal with the possible drama?

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