Guys what is he thinking/feeling towards me? BA will be given!

This guy who lives in Ohio, is my cousins friend and I met him when I was down there (I'm from Ontario). I had a boyfriend at the time but he seemed very interested in me (asking me what I look for in a guy, hugging me for about 60 seconds, literally and sitting as close as possible). That obviously didn't go anywhere because I was taken.

the boyfriend I had at the time broke up with me over three months ago and I have been texting the guy from Ohio for about 2.5 weeks. Now, what he says and does confuses the heck out of me. here are things he says/does that are a bit contradictory.

-he used to text me first, doesn't really anymore. when he calls me he asks why I didn't text all day even though he didn't and he says he misses it.

-he said he likes me when he is sober and seriously wants to date me. when he is drunk he says he loves me and that I am perfect.

-he can only Skype me (video call) when he's at his friends places because he doesn't have a computer, but he usually only Skypes me after 2am.

-he sometimes (alot of the time) just stops texting me and won't text again unless I text him again.

-he is a couple years younger and is in school and lives with his parents (but so do i) and he was willing to take a bus to canada to see me but his parents wouldn't let him so he invited me to come stay there and meet his parents (which I wasn't allowed to do). I'm going to meet them next time I go and see my cousin. ps I'm in college, he is in high school.

so if he would be willing to come to canada to see me by himself and says he likes/loves/wants to date me and was the one who initiated texting me first/calling/skyping why doesn't he text me first anymore/stop texting me and seem bored sometimes?


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  • There may be plenty of things happening in his life atm.


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