What's up with this guy? Should I chalk it up?

I met a guy online in which I initiated contact. We messaged for about 3 days before he asked me to coffee. We met for coffee after he was late from work and he seemed really uninterested, no eye contact, etc. Then he told me he forgot about the party at his house for his cousin. Before leaving he said he felt bad and wanted to meet up again but for me to pick the tim. He kept apologizing and said he felt bad. He also stated that his schedule is crazy busy as he owns a couple businesses and is shy and has never met anyone offline.

Long story short, he doesn't call when he says he will and we went out on our second date and he changed the time, etc. at the last minute. The date went OK and he called the next morning. He stated he would call later, but never did. I texted him and stated I was no longer interested. He wanted to know why and I told him because he isn't a person of his word. He called and apologized and said he felt bad over and over. He then said how busy he was and how dating the pastg year has been horrible and he wasted a lot of money. He then stated that he would like to hang out sometime down the line when neither one of us are doing anything. He always wants me to call him, because he says he wants to show that he is flexible. He kept telling me that he is shy in relationships, but not business. WTH! After he called apologzing, I hung up and four days later told him I appreciated him calling me to explain. He then responded that he mean't evey word that he said including the fact that he things I'm a cool girl, but he keeps saying he's really busy. Outside of his busy schedule I think he really is a nice guy but has the slightest clue about dating. Well its been two weeks and I Haven't heard from him. I don't want to seem needy or desperate even though he said I could call him if I wanted to hang out.

Should I wait for him to call me or should I call him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should probably wait for him to call you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think calling after 2 weeks looks needy or desperate.

    But with all he's done, I mean he might really be shy...but it does look a bit like he's playing you.

    I mean I don't have a huge amount of experience (I'm only 17) so I could be wrong, his behavior just doesn't make a lot of sense.


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