Guys, what do you think about this situation?

Jenny is throwing a get together for her old friends to meet up and get back in touch after the summer. One of her friends she invited she has a crush on. Her crush invited some random Freshman girl to her party so he "help her make friends".

He is known to be quite the flirt, having lots of friends who are girls. He has flirted with Jenny multiple times, even when she was planning the party. WHY would he in his right mind invite this girl to Jenny's party when:

1. It's a nostalgic event, for friends from last year.

2. He JUST told us about this random chick the day before the party. Nobody knows this girl.

3. On some level he DOES know that Jenny likes him.

Guys, what do you think is his deal?


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  • Before you marry someone, don't you have to show your significant other to your friends? So he/she can earn your friends approval?

    I am just saying this because its the first thing that came into my mind. Maybe Jenny's Crush is wanting to have a serious relationship with the freshman girl. Basically the act of bring her to the old gathering is to show everybody: "Get used to her face because I will be spending more time with her than you all."


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    Sorry, that's my spiteful side talking :<

    Maybe he has no real interest in the Jenny character, and is bringing this girl to convey the message :O

  • 1.

  • He's just trying to be friendly?


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