Dating , Hidden Agenda :p

So , how many girl here, have dated a guy with the intention of changing something about him to make him a the perfect partner for her, changes don't have to be crucial ,

to put it in fewer words, how many girls here think they can change a guy


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  • I have never tried to date someone with the soul purpose of changing them into my perfect little idea. I will admit though, back in my high school years I've dated a few guys who after getting to know them, thought I could change their few annoying habits. Now that I've grown and matured out of high school, I know that you can't change someone. You can try and maybe even succeed in doing so on a short term basis, but eventually... history tends to repeat itself in one way or another.

    Now when I date I ask myself whether or not I can live with these flaws or are they a deal breaker? I would never try and change a man again. You live, and you learn.


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  • I did, I didn't see it as a hidden agenda or molding him into my perfect partner but that's how it was. There were definitely things I liked about him so it wasn't going to be a complete makeover.

    I don't think I can change a guy.

  • I've never dated a guy that I wanted to 'change', I date them because I like them the way the are. I think some girls head into a relationship with the mind frame of "he'll see I'm special and he will change for me".

    I'm with a man I love and I do my best to be a loving and supportive partner. I know that if I show him I think he's worth it, and the best man for me, then he will want to prove me right. I'm not trying to change him, I'm being the best partner I know how, to allow him to be able to be the best version of himself that he can be.

  • i doubt any. its probably more like, the guy starts out acting great, then shows he's a jerk.

    she's still thinking he's great but is acting funny, tries to get him back to how he really is but who he really is, really is, a jerk. once she realizes that, she dumps him. same thing guys do with girls. no actually. I notice, guys do try to change girls. its a control obsession.

    personalt, I have a few essentials. respect, compassion, rationality. honesty. if they don't exist, or disappear, I'm gone. (trying to change me, would be an example of not respecting me)

    I'm not interested, in trying to change someone. people are who they r& they have a right to be how ever they are. they just won't be with me.

  • never. I always ask myself, could I put up with this guy, just like he is? I'm a realist.


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