Guys, this one's for you! help ;)

i want to get this guys number I work with so badly but when I try to ask I chicken out and get so shy and can't do it. anybody have any other ways? my last day of work before I go back to school is Monday so I really want his number lol! help!

also guys what do you think if a girl asks for your number?

or if she writes a little message on paper and hands it to you?


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  • Its flattering from anyone - even if I'm interested or not.

    I would just go up to him and say 'Well, the summer is almost over and I've been waiting the whole time for you to ask me for my number. Just in case you got distracted and forgot - here is my number and I hope you call. If not - its been great working with you this summer!'

    Cute, not desperate and leaves it open to him to respond. If he doesn't call then you know where you stand.


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  • I think you should just tell him you'd like it if you two kept in touch, don't do that whole paper thing, keep it simple lol


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  • get his Facebook instead. Say, "Hey, you're cool and I'd like to keep up with you. What is your Facebook and I will add you as a friend?" Then later you can invite him along to some group thing, and send him a message, "What's your number so I can call you just before we get there."

    Try it if you chicken out on getting the actual number.

    • oh I did.. he has no Facebook lol

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