I'm afraid to let guys I like know I like them?

I like this guy a lot but I'm afraid to let him know-like I'm afraid ill be rejected. and I feel like letting someone know you like them is weak and embarrassing. I don't know what to do-just thinking about him drives me crazy. any advice?


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  • First off, confessing is embarrassing, yes. It's you bearing out your feelings so of course it is. Weak? No, if anything it's brave because you're making yourself vulnerable and taking that chance. It's scary, and understandably.

    If you really like the guy then I say tell him. It's better to try than to let him get away without ever knowing if things could have worked. If it works great. If it doesn't, sure it'll hurt, but you'll recover and feel better in the long run. And then you can move on and find your next love interest later in life.

    Also P.S.: Getting confessed to in my opinion is adorable and wonderful.


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  • you shouldn't feel week or embarrassed you are lucky to find someone you like .. just try to give him hints .. don't go straight and say I <3 you .. and you feel that he is not interested don't waste your time and move on asap

  • It's nothing embarrassing or weak.

    You won't fall on your knees confessing for 'eternal love' - you just like someone. That's normal.

    Just tell it, you're in safe zone as you got nothing to lose.

  • A) I would feel flattered

    B) If I liked you I would ask you out on a date. If I wasn't sure ask you to hang out with friends at a party. Didn't like you would still ad your number and try to be friends.

  • I feel the same way.

    • like about asking girls out? so is that weird that I'm a girl and your a guy but we both feel the same way?

  • I don't think they see it as that way at all, maybe you've just had bad experiences before...

    Just try to hint what you feel, see how he responds before making a move.


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