What was he trying to say? what the hell does this mean?

I recently met this guy the other day for the first time. I was quite smartly dressed at the time. while WE were chatting, a group of people came over to us, one of the guy in the group was also quite smartly dressed. tHE GUY I WAS chatting to said 'yaaay, SMART' as he he is smart too' He then blushed and looked down. What was he trying to say? what the hell does this mean?

Also, in convo, he asked if I was boring him . why?


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  • Maybe he said yaay smart because it could had been a compliment to you if he blussed then put his down then maybe he was checking you out and the way you dressed. Maybe he said the comment about the conversation because maybe he didn't want to seem boring to you so he reversed the question and asked you it instead.


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  • Sounds like you were having an intelligent convo with the other guy, and you weren't with the guy you were with. Sounds like he was impressed or intimidated that you are smart, and he made a smart a$$ comment to let you know it. Doesn't sound like a guy you want to pursue if he's like that.

    • i wasn't talking to the other guy. Just the guy who made the comment.

      why wouldn't I want to pursue him then? because he is intimidated?

      do you think that's what it was then?

      what did he want me to think about his comment? What was the point in him saying this?

    • I guess I don't understand what you mean then. So, the guy you were with made the "yay smart" comment about the way someone else was dressed? The guy you were with dresses nice too? Guess I'm confused when you say someone dressed "smart'. No one says that, they say they dress "nice". Smart deals with intellect, not clothing.

    • yes it was about clothing

  • I think he was just happy that you two were matched someway


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