Would she be too picky for me?

There's a girl I've been hanging out with this summer who I like and we're pretty good friends. She says she likes spending time with me, but she randomly said that if she wants something like a snack or a romantic interest she would straight up go for it and she really never asked me if she wants to be more than friends or anything like that. Does that mean if I asked myself, would she reject my ass? Even if I asked like "you know, I think that you and I are a pretty good pair of people. Don't you think so?" Or could a girl be flexible enough for me? I'm not even sure if she's been aware that I like her though.


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  • Don't ask...instead lead with confidence. Women want a man who is strong and makes decisions. If you want to more than just being a friend, start treating her as if she is a date. Ignore the rejection mode...that's defeatist at best and will get you nowhere. Take the lead.


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