Is this love at first sight, crush, or simply sexual attraction?

Some years back we were introduced through mutual families, who are friends.

Throughout the years we have met twice and both times had a blast with each other.

I loved everything about him. Especially his smile; which makes my emotions burst like fireworks with goose bumps and my cheeks react with blushes.

It has been nearly 5 years since we last saw one another.

Through those 5 years I never stopped wondering about him. I even felt empty when I thought of him because we weren’t around each other like I craved for.

I recently found his Facebook profile via his younger brother, and every emotion I had on our first introduction hit me when I saw his profile picture like… fresh crisp air bringing my lungs alive. I couldn’t stop smiling and yet again my cheeks reacting with blushes from a simple profile picture.

I am too chicken to add him, but I have to see his picture everyday and I am starting to feel like a psycho stalker(yuck !).

With little I can express I need an outsiders perspective on my behavior. So, what is this love at first sight, crush, or simply sexual attraction?


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  • I think that this is a big crush.


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  • Well yea you have a crush on that guy , a 5 year old crush .

    first of all do yourself Favor and add him,Nothing will happened, the sky won't fall ^_^ .

    check his info see what he been up to for the 5 years, most crushes are baste on the past it's just a maybe but its maybe He's not the same guy he used to be .

    start a conversation he will not bite (I hope ^_^ ) you are a strong girl and you can do it

    just check it out


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  • I thin it's sexual attraction and a huge case of infatuation :) It sounds like you are just in love with his looks...but does he have any admirable qualities? Like his personality? I guess what I'm trying to say is, why are you attracted to him?

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