Should I be mad at him or not?

I've known him for 3 years and we have dated on and off

hes not a party person etc, I met him when he studied in my town, than he went away for a year to the army than after he moved home for a year and finally thank god he is back in my town studying

and we met on Saturday we went and saw a movie and before that I was at his place cuddling and kissing, do guys do that with all girls? Anyways this week he started school and the first week all they basically do is to get to know their class mates and party etc just hang, and I texted him on Tuesday asking if he wanted to hang again when he has time, and he said yes we have to but I have to check with my school schedule in the beginning and get to know people, and its been ha week and I'm basically annoyed that he hasn't contacted me since Tuesday and I'm worried he is out partying and forgetting me..and I want to be mad if he contacts me again, so basically should I be mad when he contacts me or just be cool ?


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  • just be don't own him...he still has the right to do anything he wants. I mean you've only been on one date if I understand, right? If I was him and calling you, and you were pissed...that'd be a red flag and I'd most likely be a goner soon after...

    • haha no we have been on many me =p he's the first guy I've slept with

  • I think you shouldn't be that mad, just a bit upset


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