Super confused about this guy!!!!! (no surprise there!)

So, a while back I liked a guy, and later I found out he liked me too, but I didn't want a boyfriend at the time because I felt we were too young and that we wouldn't be together for very long. So I stopped talking to him. But he thought I was mad at him and tried to talk to me but I didn't know how to say what I felt. About a year later, we had a class together again and his friends started asking me about what happened, literally almost every day. They even called me but I'm not sure why. And I heard his friends ( who I've never talked to in my life) talk about me! Then I told him that I just didn't want a boyfriend the year before and that I was sorry and would talk to him if he wanted to talk, but he never said anything back and ignored me.He pretty much pretended that I didn't exist, he'd say happy birthday to everyone but me, try and stay as far away from me as he could, he wouldn't even walk past me in class when he got up to sit by his friends.But he'd always stare at me and his friends kept asking me what happened the previous year that made us stop talking.That happened for about 5 months, they asked me every day,(even though I already told him I wasn't mad at him and just thought we were too young to date a few years before) no matter what. Every time I passed them in the hall they'd ask me about it and they would bug me in class about it for at least 20+ minutes and he'd tell them to stop and his friends would say " Why do you care so much?" And they'd ask him why he doesn't talk to me but he even ignored them!Whenever I walked past him in the hallway, my friends walking behind me would hear his friends say something like " Oh there she is!" or " she just passed you!" He completely ignored me and whatever my friends asked him about me. His friends kept telling me to talk to him and I did but he wouldn't say anything back. They repeatedly told me to talk to him and I didn't get a word out of him! He would (and still does) try to avoid me when he can :P Now this year, we still don't talk. But I catch him staring at me in the hallways and his friends still talk to me as if nothing happened. I really have no idea what's going on with him. I would love for us to be friends, but since I have no idea what's going on I don't see that happening because he's pretty shy and has only had like 2 relationships ( got dumped by all of them! XD )I'm pretty much over it, since I know nothing will happen. But sometimes I think about it...and try and make sense of what's going on XD I don't know what I did to make him hate me! I guess I'm just young and a little bit stupid ;D ha ha Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks :o)


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  • Sounds like you rejected him and he's not going to put himself out there by asking you out again, and I don't blame him. You were too young to date? Young people date all the time! If you would have wanted to date him back then, you would have, instead of making excuses.

    • It was a few years ago, like in middle school... and he didn't ask me out, he just told me and one of my friends that he liked me. Thanks for the opinion though :o)

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    • Oh and it was right before summer, so we wouldn't have seen each other for a few months( I go on long vacations!) and that it wouldn't have even been like relationship :P

    • Yeah I thought I was too young, and I saw many people being in relationships that barely lasted and I didn't want to be like those people. Thank you so much for commenting! :o)

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  • Unfortunately, it just sounds like he was being irritated by everyone telling him what to do...


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  • Well he obviously must have liked you a lot to the point he has shown an unhealthy attachment to you, so when you rejected him, it hurt a lot. TBH I don't know the whole story so I don't know, especially since its not like we get his input. But I've been on the other side of it and the guy I liked did more than just say he wasn't in to me like that...but ignoring him completely comes more from the other things he did to me and the fact that I was disgusted/ashamed/embarrassed about how I reacted to the situation at the emotional mess honestly. So I don't know if he had some sort of emotional outburst of some sort over you rejecting him, then I could understand it.


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