He still talks to his ex, what should I do?

Him and his ex dated for only three weeks before she dumped him over the phone. He also said that he was going to break up with her that weekend, but she got to it first. I met him soon after they broke up and we've been dating for about three months now and everything is splendid and happy.

But he has one class with her where he only knows her and nobody else, so they talk in there. I also saw them talking after school and she left with her friends when I came by and she called his name and gave him a weird smile from far away. I also saw her text him in July, but didn't read much into it.

Is he just talking to her because he's a nice guy (cause he definitely is)? Should I worry, talk with him about it? I just don't want to lose him because of this, and don't want to feel insecure from the two of them talking.


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  • What should you do? Either talk to him or just move on, try not to be so jealous. He's with you!


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