Should I ask her what's going on?

We hooked up two weeks ago after knowing each other for two years. Confessed we had always liked each other and I thought it was the start of something good. After we hooked up, we texted back and forth all the time, called each other "hun" and "babe" and stuff. We tried to make plans to go to breakfast and hang out but either she was busy or had to get up early or I was at work. Then at the beginning of this week, she starts being flaky with texts and the past two days barely even responds to me. I asked how she was doing and she says "pretty good, you?" but when I ask when she's available to hang out she straight up doesn't respond.

I Haven't come out and asked if anything was wrong because I'm trying really hard not to push her. I know she is busy with moving, but I just get the feeling that she is ignoring me all of a sudden without any explanation. Am I being crazy or should I say something? I can either text her or go see her at work tomorrow. I really like her and feel so nervous that for some reason this is going to end before it even start. Advice?


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  • She might just feel a little overwhelmed. Some people need some more space. She might still want to hang out with you, but not want to like constantly text and stuff like that. the more you back off, still be nice, but don't try to MAKE the connection happen, the more comfortable she will feel.


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  • I had a girl who was being distant with me recently. We always see each other on Fridays at soccer games so I went up to her and was like hey come find me before you go.

    This gave me a chance to just be honest with her. I just opened with are we OK, you are acting really distant. Which lead to a conversation where I was at least able to get a real response from her. If she is being withdrawn she probably has a reason, and if you are like me it is going to eat at you until you get a response.

    I'd only say don't accuse or blame her. Just ask her nicely if she is OK she has seemed preoccupied a lot lately. If she still just avoids the questions then you may need to be a little more direct but just be cautious. If you like the girl you don't want to be to pushy or make her upset with you.

    • The only way I could ever see her in person without arranging to hang out is when she's at work. Would that be a bad place? I think I know her schedule so I could "happen to walk in" when she's leaving and maybe catch her and talk to her then? Or should I text her and ask if we can meet to talk? Also, I you don't mind me asking, what happened with the girl who was being distant to you?

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    • I went into her work yesterday, after the whole distancing thing started, and I talked to her for a couple minutes and everything seemed normal. It's just she doesn't text anymore. I agree that it's better to have those talks in person, but it's only been 2 weeks so maybe I'm just taking things too fast. I mean, we had sex the first time we hung out so maybe its best to cool off for a bit. It sucks when you actually like the girl you moved too fast with :/

    • Yea it does suck when you aren't on equal ground with someone, but like a good friend told me, it needs to be equal. You can't be the only one starting up conversation. If she likes you she will show an effort. And as much as I hate the idea of seeing someone while still liking someone else, I'd say go for it. You'll spend less time thinking about your situation and you may end up finding someone else.

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