Dating advice for a 32 year old beginner?

Okay, so most people my age have gotten past all of the awkwardness, but I'm a rare exception. I am almost 32, with no prior dating experience. What do you think my chances are if I go out on the dating scene, with all of the awkwardness of an early teenager? -_- More importantly, how the heck should I BEGIN? How does someone my age even get experience in that department? lol (I'm guessing, the same way everyone else does...but with far more embarrassment.)


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  • You find a nice sweet girl? Easy right? Haha. Just kidding.

    I'd concentrate on what you do bring to the table. You seem smart (you can capitalize and punctuate things correctly). Women are just people, and I'm sure you've done plenty of talking to people in your 32 years. So you should have the essentials of communication down. What are your other strengths? It's simple enough to learn tricks by reading up on stuff. Then just practice.

    Probably the biggest obstacle (especially judging from the complaints on this site) is indicating to a girl that you are a romantic possibility not just a friend.

    Some easy romantic tricks that work on me (I'm in late 20s):

    Gently ushering a girl through a door or crowded area by putting a hand on her back

    Leaning in close to whisper

    Complimenting something she is wearing (works especially good if it's a ring or bracelet and you use it as an excuse to touch/take her hand)

    Remembering a detail from a past conversation and bringing it up later.

    Playful/teasing text messages

    Those are all things that wouldn't come off as creepy (in my opinion) in the initial stages, but would build tension and get me wondering about the guy in a romantic way.

    • Love your suggestions! They all sound doable. I'm actually looking forward to trying them out now. :) Thank you!

    • Yay! Glad I could help! This kind of thing SHOULD be fun :)

    • Yeah, I think if I get past the nervousness, I'll enjoy it quite a bit. :) They should have a school for guys like me (assuming there are others), kind of like that "Hitch" movie...but less obnoxious. lol Your suggestions should help. :)

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  • Just get out there and do what you can. Just think 32 is better than 42 is better than 52 etc etc, so the more you put it off, the harder it will get.

    So just go and do whatever you can and get through the awkward phase, then you'll improve from there with experience.

    • Good point. The sooner the better, I suppose.

    • Yeah, it's OK to be awkward. Some people have been dating since they were 16, and they are STILL awkward. A lot of girls are awkward, too, and they can't exactly get with those super suave guys. So there is someone for everyone, you just have to try.

  • Do you have like no experience at all (virgin,never been kissed, never had a girlfriend) or just very little experience?

    • The former, actually. :P I'm not ashamed of being a virgin, since it's my desire to remain one until I'm married, but not having had a girlfriend or having been kissed...that's embarrassing. I have all sorts of excuses as to why...but they're all just excuses. At this point, I blame it on being nervous and shy when approaching a girl. Talking to one is one thing, but approaching one to ask her out? Yeah, haven't done that. :P

    • It's nothing to be embarrassed of, everyone is a late bloomer in some aspect of life. Add me I'd love to help you.

  • I might chuckle but I think it's fine. Mmm I guess it's who you pick as to what your chances will be... and the environment you find these people. Can't really go into detail though.

    Well do you have anyone in mind that you'd like to ask out?

    They just start the same way teens did but with much more common sense. ;) Nah, it's all pretty embarrassing if you're not comfortable with it (all ages except maybe 5 year ol' kiddies). :P Try to understand the situation more so that you can build confidence in knowing... what you like... so express that, express your strengths, then you won't be left wondering if what you did was okay. To you it's okay, because by doing that you've shown her who you are and you don't have to mind if you get rejected. It's simple, and at that stage, she's not out to hurt you so it's not a personal attack, it's just someone saying they're not suited to you. :)

    Don't forget to ask about her when you blab tastefully about your .. well whatever you like.

  • Be yourself.

    •, nervous and shy? lol

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    • dating or non-dating. That would be a downer & you want to make a good impression & have a 2nd date, rt? She's probably not going to sit there & tell you all of the negative stuff about her. Hope not anyway. Save that stuff for later.

    • Lol! Well, you definitely have a point there...especially when you compare it to a job interview. I hadn't thought of it like that, but yeah, too much honesty too soon can be a bad thing as well, I suppose. ;) Something I'll try to keep in mind, thanks.

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  • You're 32. You should have way more life experience and confidence than the average teen.

    She's just a person. Talk to her like a person. Stop thinking it's some huge thing


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