Why is it so hard to find a girl I like?

Ok so just as I think I found a great girl its ruined :/ she seemed like a nice girl funny and kind quirky but hey I like that. She had that emo/ scene kinda thing going on (idk why but I find that attractive) she is easy to talk to and didn't seem to shy bout her body. All and all she seemed perfect and it was even better when my friend canceled Saturday plans. So I asked her if she'd like to go to the movies, well I thought this was perfect.

So then not only did she have plans but she was already at the movies with her "friend". OK so I admit I was jealous but what really took the cake there was when I asked her about the movie she couldn't tell me a thing :/ so I asked if I "wanted to know what she was doing" she said "lol no". don't get me wrong I like a girl whose a little dirty as much as the next guy but this kinda made my stomach squirm.

Why is it that I just can't find a girl? :( I don't know if its low self esteem or what Because I'm interested in a few girls but I can't bring my self to ask them out and then I always find an excuse to back out, I usually end up with "pretty" but kinda chubby dramatic girls as a result:( tips would be great and if you can relate please comment


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  • i cat relate much but I still wanna try to help. you may be setting your standards too high as a subconcious way to keep from having to ask girls out. if your shy this is probably true. because your subconcious sets your standards so high that when you never find a girl to fit those standards your almost relieved. try a writing a note to the girl you want. give it to your friend to give to her for you and inform your friend before hand that no matter what do not give the note back to you. if you are still really into that specific girl try talking to her just confront her but don't be pushy and demanding. just explain that you thought that you had a connection and you really like her but your not sure how she feels. worst comes to worst she says no she doesn't like you. then your back in the same position as you are in now.


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