Guys, am I being blown off? This is long, so bear with me...

Sorry, this may sound like one huge ramble.

Last semester I met a guy at school. One day when I was hanging out with my friend, she told him that I speak Spanish well and that maybe I could help him out because he was taking second semester Spanish, and I already took it and did well. I actually do speak Spanish and it's also my minor, but I am shy at times so I don't speak about myself a lot. Anyways, she was like give him your number, so I did. She is way more outgoing than me all the time and I am the quiet one. She noticed at other times that this dude was checking me out randomly when I wasn't really paying attention.

One day my friend told me she had seen the guy around at this place we hangout at, so I left to say hi or whatever. We chatted for a few minutes and I was like I have to go to class and said bye. I don't know if girls have a Spidy sense or anything, but as I was leaving I felt that I was being looked at, so I turned around and he was looking at me with a weird smirk/smile on his face. I did an eyebrow raise, but I left fast and hurried to class. I wasn't creeped out by the stare, but curious about it. My friend says that I flirt without paying attention at times...

After he got my number, he texted me first and we had a convo. After that I usually initiated texts, but he would always answer back and ask questions. I don't have a problem starting texts at all, but I really don't text that much. This is the most effort that I've put into texting someone because I can go weeks without it.

The latter part of the semester extremely hectic for me with endless papers and projects, so I didn't have a lot of free time. I didn't really text the guy that much, but if I did we would have long conversations on and off for several days until it died down. I also saw him around campus too. One time we were talking, and he was like I missed seeing you around, and I said I was really busy. I told him about a presentation that went horribly wrong, and he was like I would laugh but I feel bad. I was like it's OK to laugh because I was happy it was over.

Before school was out, I had called and asked what he would be doing for the summer, and he said I don't know, but asked me if I would be around, so I said yeah (this happened like in May). We've been texting back and forth occasionally and I'm wondering if he still is interested in me. It probably looked like I had dropped off of the face of the planet at times, although we still texted over the summer and had conversations that went on and off. So, recently I got the balls to text him if he wanted to hang out and he said yeah the next day and that he would have gotten back to me sooner, but was bad at communicating (but he would also text long answers, so wtf?).

That was six days ago. He said that he needed to figure out when he would have time to hang (he's busy a lot). Am I being blown off lightly since he hasn't gotten back to me yet? Why would he spend all that time texting me?


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  • You should wait a bit more to see if he contacts you.


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  • I don't think you're being blown off. would just wait a while longer I'm sure he'll text you. if he doesn't you can always send him a reminder text


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