Did it end just like that?

So I had been talking to a guy and everything seemed as if it were going great but people had many questions as to what we were and so did I. My family which is always really involved in everything had been bothering me about asking him , I knew this isn't really a great thing to do but I did it and at the moment he seemed like it didn't bother him. Since then he doesn't text me or invite me to things as he used to. I'm OK with it if he wants it to end but it does hurt. On top of it, his sister cousin and mom invite me to family events for instance, they invited me to a baby shower of a cousin of his and it is tomorrow, I want to go because it would seem rude not to but then I don't because I don't know what's going on between us and I don't want I getting back to him that I went and he's going to think that I'm trying hard or getting through to him through his family. (which isn't my intention at all I've known his cousin long before I knew him) So any thoughts or advice please let me know .


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  • erm, instaid of talking to him about what you actually are, you ended things in a way you don't describe... did you just stop talking to him or did you just tell him your done? Either way, if you want to know where you stand next time, ask him instaid of just.. dumping him.

    Either way, going to that babyshower would be weird as you probably just got invited because you where dating him, which'd make it weird to go when your done.

    • No he started getting distant after the talk not me lol & yeah that's what I was thinking too.

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  • If he isn't making the effort, then yes things ended like that.


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  • It sounds like you you need to try again to DTR, go and talk to him face to face and ask him what's up. let him know that its fine if he doesn't wanna be in a relationship, your world will keep on spinning. tell him how you feel. At this point it doesn't sound like you have anything to lose


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