Is she worth the trouble?

Long story short, Back in January I asked this girl out that works with me and we went out a few times. She blew me off on a date back in February Instead of trying to play things cool I started to write her some letters and tried to convince her to go out with me again, definitely not over the top "I love you and need you" type letters, but it hindsight they were a terrible decision. She took me off as a Facebook friend in April and told me she just wanted to be friends. I tried once back in the end of June to reengage only to be shut down. I lost my temper and insulted her intelligence. She told me to leave her alone and I haven't said anything to her since. Should I even attempt to salvage things or just move on?


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  • I think you have problems.

    What's there to salvage? She wanted to be friends, obviously wasn't attracted to you, and you betrayed her trust and crossed the boundaries in your friendship because you were being selfish. You obviously have no respect for her or what she wants since you made it all about yourself and what you want.

    If someone likes you or wants you, then you don't have to convince them of anything. If you have to try to convince people to like you you're obviously off.

    Get some counseling.

    • No need to be such a **** about things, you porker. Also, feel free to not put so many pictures up in this website as you look an incredibly fake bitch and one who really isn't that hot, it just makes you look like a slut, which you probably are.

      Get on a treadmill.

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    • keep telling yourself that lmfao

      a psycho stalker telling me I'm ugly is a good thing! lmfao

    • You really are a fucking cunt. You'll reap what you sow.

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  • Move on. She obviously isn't interested and there are more fish in the sea.

  • Just move on. She's made it as clear as possible that she is not interested. At this point there is nothing to salvage. I'm sorry.


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  • Salvage what, a friendship? She blew you off, told you she only wanted to be friends, most likely didn't even want that but was being nice about it. She then shot you down & told you to leave her alone. And now your asking if SHE is worth the trouble. C'mon guy, trying to win a girl over is one thing but your taking this too far, walk away now before you have a cop at your door.


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