Update on Question: I asked a guy out what does his response mean?

I previously posted this question and appreciate the feedback!:

I asked a guy to go to a party with me and he said he had dinner plans but wasn't sure about after. I simply responded by giving him the time of the party and said just thought I would ask and let me know if he wants to go...open invitation. I wasn't sure how to respond because I am not sure what his response mean...He has not said anything else.What would you say he means? Does it mean he doesn't want to and is just being nice?

So last night was the party and so I decided to text him to just say that I was at the party and to stop by if he wanted. About 2 hours later he responded and said, "I'm sorry I just went home. Have fun!". I said back, "It's fine. I am leaving nowish anyways-I did my Hi's. Hope you had fun. Goodnight." He responded and said, "Thanks you too! Night!"...

Could this mean that maybe he was on a date? Or that he really didn't want to go in the first place but was trying to say no nicely when I first asked him if he wanted to go? He has always been honest with me before. If he knows he cannot do something he would tell me. However, if he truly didn't know/could commit to plans he would say something along the lines as, "I'll let you know" or "I'm not sure", etc. So I am not sure what this whole situation means. We have not spoken in a month until just this week so maybe he is being reserved? I am not going to contact him unless he contacts me first anymore...I am just not sure what to think.


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  • Did he give any details on his dinner plans? Like where he would be or he was having dinner with someone else? If he just told you he had dinner plans and didn't elaborate I might be a little suspicious. It is possible he could've been on a date and just didn't want to tell you and hurt your feelings.

    • No he didn't. But I question if he was on a date, why text me later? Haha

    • He may have just been tired or not interested in going to the party. He maybe the type that prefers a more one-on-one type of get together like a movie or dinner out.

    • I actually remembered yesterday that he had this really big important conference and is now off to sweden...so I think he was there and maybe stressed. I apologized yesterday and that I forgot about it and asked about him leaving. So, it could be all of that and he doesn't/can't talk about it. But yes, maybe. I think I have to be patient with him/not get my hopes up because of circumstances...

  • Could this mean that maybe he was on a date? Not really.

    • What do you think it means? Does it mean that he didn't really want to go to begin with?...

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