Guys: what do you do when just acting friendly compared to showing interest?

So I gave this guy my number before we kissed,we see each other at school and he'll somehow get me to spot him and he'll wave,smile or come over to hug me.he seems interested when he sees me he also gets super smily but he hasn't texted me once since the day we kissed..I don't know if I should give up on this guy or keep going for it..I really like him but I don't wanna wait forever just for him to ask me out on a date..he doesn't ask any questions to know more about me..all he does is say hi or if he hasn't seen me in awhile he'll ask where I've. Been he just acting friendly..he has a lot of girl friends .how do you act when you like a girl or when your just being friendly with someone?


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  • Well I contact them often...


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