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my ex has never stopped contacting me since we broke up 2 years ago

so I decided to accept being friends this summer when I was almost getting over him cause I would hook up with guys but then he started to contact me more often everyday also hanging out. So then my feelings came back and I Haven't really hooked up with guys or do much all I think about is him and now he knows how istill feel but the problem is he starting to less talk to me again. He chases when I'm not all on to him but when I am he's like whatever, like he doesn't want to let go but he tells me he's not ready to be with me yet. what is he trying to do?


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  • Ask him. None of us will really know. We can only guess. Maybe he knows that you have been with other guys and it hurts him. Maybe he only wanted to be friends the whole time. Like I said it could be anything.

  • He's just maintaining the friendship, doesn't want the connection to be lost.


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