Is it normal for a guy to confess to liking a girl soon after meeting her?

Let me paint the whole picture:

I met this guy at a festival and we instantly sort of clicked, even though I was slightly tipsy and spent the whole evening talking and joking.

He gave me his number. I kind of deleted it by accident.

I ran into him the next day and he gave it again.

Then we met up a couple of times over two/three weeks and texted.

I was convinced it was just friendship (wrong to assume on my part? y/n) but he said he liked me and wanted to kiss me.

Am I being very immature and silly thinking it was too soon?


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  • Well it kind of is too soon... but the guy is just being honest with you and he felt that he should tell you.


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  • Kind of :/ I mean yah maybe if your the kind of girl to wait then no but I think he really likes you and wants a chance be with you b4 the seemingly endless hopelesness of the "friend zone"

    • Oh, I feel so bad now. How is it that everyone seems to know all this by instinct and I dont? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • lol its not jst you it took me forever to learn this

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  • You're not being immature or silly with thinking that it's too soon, that's just a matter of opinion.

    He is being rather quick but there are people like that. :)

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