My boyfriend is talking to his ex girlfriend??

They only dated for about three weeks and she dumped him over the phone, AND he was planning on dumping her but she got to it first. Now I've been dating him for about three months and they talk in a class they have together, and I noticed them texting back in July.

What do I do? Should I worry? And why is he talking to her?


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  • Well ask him what they're talking about.

    • He'll say something around the lines of 'well, everything, I talk to her like I talk to my friends.'

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  • Nothing wrong with it. Ask him about it if you are really worried.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, ask yourself these qs

    do you feel he's trustworthy?

    do you feel he'd cheat or leave you for her?

    Did he seem over her when yall broke up?

    Personally id probably break up knowing what I know now lol

    If you let your jealousy show you might push him into her arms or push him away period.

    if you don't let it show and instead give him the impression you don't care you might end up hurt..

    If you do decide to out and see what's next, id suggest putting up a wall and if you trust him.. Just trust to an extent don't be volnerable. If you don't trust jus toss him aside there's others

    And don't forget yall are young don't let a relationship get in the way of enjoying life while u.can because it only gets harder


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