Guys: do you text girls you aren't romantically interested in?

Just curious. I've been texting this guy I really like fairly often lately. We are coworkers. He seems to like me based on how he talks to me, treats me, gives me more attention above other girls, acts.different around me, etc.

But how often do you.text girls and do you only text girls you are into? I really only text guys who I am interested in. if I text other guys it's normally because they texted me first, also I won't try and keep the Convo going as much, I won't be witty/playful/flirty.

Is this how you are with girls?


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  • Yes, but as friends.

    • What makes you just friends though?

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  • If we've already developed a friendship then yes I do,

    but if we're just getting to know each other then I don't text unless I'm attracted.

    • We are friends. We've had.radiotherapy numbers for like two years now.since we are.coworkers and needed it for.something in the past but we.really only.started texting a lot this summer. we have not hung out outside of work yet but in our last conversation it.came up and he said he would like to hangout.

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    • *every guy

      Also on my phone haha

    • Lol yeah that's what it seems like to me too. My guy tells me he likes me so hopefully I'm right

  • Sure, I'll text if I just want to be friends. But I'll text a lot more if I'm interested.

  • I'll text if it gets my d*** wet


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  • Not necessarily. It could just mean he really likes talking to you as a good friend. The best & probably the only way you can tell if he likes you romantically & not just like a friend is through his body language when you see him in person. Hope this helps a bit!

    • I brought up hanging out and he said he.would like to, so that's good right? I wouldn't really want to hang out with one of my guy coworkers unless I liked him. We've discussed all the flirting that hours on at work (amongst our.coworkers) and he jokes about how xxxx must like me or.xxxx wants to date me because he texted me. But in reality, my crush is the one I talk and text to most and I think he is aware of this. So is he just testing me?

    • Then in that case I think you're right. He actually might like you... =)

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