What is going on in his mind?

So I met this guy a couple of months ago, while working at a summer camp in DC. We were both staff from different companies but we slept on the same dorms during the program.

I certainly found him cute the first time I saw him. But as I have a boyfriend, I didn't want to approach or make any move. However, couple of days latter I found introducing myself to this guy. He invited me over his room and I went. We talked and our conversation flowed naturally. He asked for my phone and I gave it to him. He text me the same night and we kept texting.

I found myself in a weird situation as I didn't tell him I had a boyfriend. So the second time we hang out I told him. He was really bummed about it as he had said that he liked me. He actually said it was a shame I had a boyfriend.

But I wanted to be friends with him so we kept talking. And there were times when I actually thought we could actually be friends, but then he just spitted something about how beautiful I was and how he would love to kiss me.

So we stopped texting on a daily basis, things cooled down until we hang out again. It was the last night of the summer camp. We had been talking for ours, and then when we said goodbye we hugged like three times for a long time. And then we kissed. It was a long kiss, a soft with meaning kiss... french kiss. Then I realized what I was doing and pull him back I said I couldn't do it and he said he understood. He kiss me softly on my lips to say goodbye.

We never talked about it. Though we kept texting. He kept flirting with me and kept teasing me as always. Untill a day that everything stopped, no more texts or e-mails. If I text him he always gets me back but I can tell that is different.

We live across country and I still have a boyfriend (but these are things he knew when we started this). So why is he acting like this?

I realized that I like him, but does he like me back? is he trying to avoid me? to get over me? why can't he just talk to me?

Thanks guys!


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  • u really screwed up .. I don't like what you did am gonna explain in the comment

    • why would you cheat .. and why would you even hit it off with a guy without telling him that you cheated .. you already hurt 2 guys .. the 2nd guy I guess he felt attracted to you but when you said that you have a boyfriend he start thinking of you as a sex material and after you left and he was sure he had no chance with you he didn't see a point of texting you and now your living in the stupid thing you created you like him and want him back .. am sorry if I was blunt but you need to feel bad about that

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    • and now .. you cheated on your boyfriend who is innocent and I don't think there is much left to do in the relation and the guy you like or think you like is ignoring you because he doesn't see you as a potential lover .. I think the best thing to do is come clean and learn your lesson and start fresh

    • Couldn't agree more.


  • With ldr, things usually get weird just because you can't really talk clearly...


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