Is it weird to still hang out with your best guy friend when he is in a serious relationship?

We have been BEST friends since the 3rd grade, we are now heading into our Jr. year in high school and he is in a serious relationship (sorta- they break up and get back together A LOT!) and every time I ask him to hang out his girlfriend always has to be there and if she's not, they get in huge fights! But for the most part- he ignores me, and sorta flaunts her off, and I haven't dated- I've had sum friends with benefits type stuff (sum with him) but that's it. But when he is not in a relationship, its as if nothing happened. The more this happens the more I can feel our friendship slipping away. Advice?


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  • u were there first. if she don't like it she isn't good enough for him. ofcourse she's gonna think of you as a threat and be a bit jealous but she shouldn't be trying to cut you out of his life entirely

  • Weird to hang out with best guy friend while he's in relationship? Not really.


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