What is your experience with match.com?

Im curious what your experience is with match.com... I seem to only find the players on there, unless they all are... would it be safe to say that the majority of women on there are lost, desperate or players? I am one of those nice guys and even though I have listed what I look for in a girl, I still seem to attract the players...your thoughts?


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  • Hi there. Unfortunately, I didn't much like it. I felt like it was a hookup site. I post a profile and picture (both face and full body) and I was buried under nasty emails from men, none of which were serious. I was somehow able to get down to a few I could see talking to and as soon I returned their email then the next email back was either nasty, asking to come over to my house or just plane weird. I preferred EHarmony. They do most the compatibility work for you and usually the people that pay to be there are serious. So I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Wish you the best.


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