What If The Person You Hooked Up With Calls You Again After A while?

I hooked up with this guy more than a month ago. We met in a club twice, not on purpose. The first time I didn't end up going home with him. A few days later I went to a different club and I run into him. He was the one to notice me first and came up to me, so we ended up spending the time at the club together again and this time I went home with him. The morning after he kept on asking if I'm gonna call him after this, I didn't answer at first, I just laughed it off. But he kept on asking me so I said yes. Later that evening he texted me checking on me if I was OK cause I had a bad hangover earlier that morning and then we texted a bit. Since he texted me already I figured I didn't need to call him.

A few days after that I went to a concert and texted him if I could crash at his place cause I don't really got any place to crash, he said yes, but by the time I wanted to go there he didn't reply to my text. Since then we never contacted anymore. I know that people don't really talk to the person they hooked up with. But considering he did wanted me to call, should I have called him? And that was a month ago, is it weird if I call him now or just send a text? What is your respond if anyone you hooked up with calls you after a while?


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  • is it weird to call him or just send a text? not at all, go for it.


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  • Should You Call The Person You Hooked Up With? yeah sure, anytime you want.

  • Well It depends if deep down inside I really liked the girl or if it was just a simple one night stand. If I really liked her then yeah I would definitely welcome a call or a text from her again. If not then I would probably just ignore her.


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