Girls, do you like it when a guy you like wrestles you to the ground?

Just having fun in the moment?

One time on a school lawn, this guy was sitting down on the grass while talking to this girl who was standing up. Shortly after he was holding onto her calves while talking (for a good 30-60sec). Then he pulled her legs out in front of her, and she landing on her butt (lol). He then laid beside her and gave her a kiss. A couple of her female friends were there too, and they were laughing.

Another time at school, this guy was hugging this girl from behind. He lowered himself to the ground, pulling her with him. Then he rolled over to be on top and kissed her.

One time at a park, this guy took a walk with this girl. After they were done, he grabbed one of her legs and took her down to the grass. Then he rolled her over onto her stomach and sat on her back for about 10sec, and let her back up.

Girls, have you had any experiences like this? Do you like it when a guy you like wrestles you to the ground?



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  • Um yeah that's the cutest thing ever! It shows affection, its sexy for him to overpower her then be affectionate, spontaneous, its perfect! Only thing is maybe in public its awkward but besides that its perfect!


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  • No. But sounds cute. The women in my family love to wrestle and stuff so Yeah, women like it. As long as Its playful

  • yeah its cute just as long as our out fit isn't anything fancy and we don't get it ruined.


  • It depends on how much I like the guy.


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