I don't know what to do now / what she meant?

I'm probably thinking too much into this but I'd like to know your view on the situation

we've met up a fair few times before, and Friday night she asked me to come back to hers. I did and we didn't do anything just talk and make out.

She woke up in the morning and asked why I came back with her, I said because you asked me to, then she made out she couldn't remember. Stayed there for a few hours where I met her mom and rest of the family and I was invited to her aunts party last night. instead, last night I went out for my birthday, she text me saying "Mom said you're welcome any time, hope you're OK and happy birthday".

I asked her to come join me when her party is over and she said OK let me know where you'll be and I'll be there, she turned up, bought me a drink then went off and I didn't see her till later when she was talking to her ex for quite a while.

When I left, I sent her a text saying that I was going, and she replied with "ok hope your night was better than mine, I spent most of it with my ex hitting on me" I said yeah it was good, would of been better if I saw more of you though.

She said "sorry, in a bad mood and didn't want to take it out on you, didn't want to hurt you so I walked away" then after I said that it was all right but she could of told me that's the reason, she said "nothing against u, just didn't want to be taking you out, mean a lot to me but I got a lot of sh*t going on atm"

I asked a friend about that last text and she said she must mean about going to hit me when she said taking me out, as I was already out before her. (she's known for drunken fighting). I don't know if that's it or she meant something else...


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  • Asked you back to hers, met her family and she said to you '(you) mean a lot to me '. what more do you want ? Clearly really likes you so why worry about what 'didn't want to be taking you out' means especially in that context where it could mean a few things and none of them to my mind being bad for you.

    • I know she likes me, I've spoken to a couple of people she works with and they've both told me. its just that she never shows/says it to me unless she's drunk and when I bring it up after she always says she doesn't remember and to ignore it. So it's hard for me to tell exactly how much she does like me, or if the alcohol is getting the better of her. Then when she's sober she'll barely say a word to me or ignore me like the other night

    • Yea I knew a girl like this, I loved this girl, still do I left it and left it and left it thinking like you that I was thinking too much and not sure (in my case) if she actually liked me. Its very similar to your story I went back to hers one night but nothing happened, didn't talk about it the next day but the girl I knew wasn't as forward even when drunk, i.e she never told me I meant anything to her. Anyway my I later found out she used to like me but because I left it she thought I wasn't

    • interested and so she moved on and well the moral of my tale is that I should have acted and not waited, go for it, ask her to clarity and try to take things forward, be blunt or end up like me being in love with her and regretting it that you had a chance to be happy with someone really special. Compared to that you have nothing to lose.

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