Will we even be friends still?

Me and this guy dated back in April for over a month but since the school year ended we decided to stop the relationship and with his manipulation I did not want communication with him over the summer. After a month, he admitted to missing me so we started texting throughout the summer, a lot of flirty texts and about what is going to happen. He was quite vague when it came to the future when the semester starts up, which I was bummed about, so I started seeing other guys.

The thing is that throughout the summer he has come to the city where I am living during the summer but he never texted me or asked to hang out but we have talked about seeing each other over the summer and hanging out.

We have the same job on campus and we just happen to be in the same group out of over a dozen groups, interest-wise. When the retreat for the job approached we talked about hanging out. Like he was supposed to come to my parent's apartment where I am staying (they were gone for the weekend) and I saw on twitter that he instead went to dinner with some of our friends and he never texted me. Instead at 12:30 am, he asked to print some stuff off that we needed for the retreat. Also, we talked about going for ice cream or hanging out after the retreat, which never happened.

We sat next to each other during the retreat but we did not talk very much. Since I Haven't seen him in 3.5 months, instead of a hug, he gave me a manly handshake and when we left, he said "thanks for the copies, see you in a few weeks", which really ticked me off. He leaves 4 hours away so I asked if he wanted to stay at my place so he doesn't have to drive in the night and we were pretty vague in general.

After that, I deleted his number, unfollowed him on Twitter, everything. the next day he posted on Facebook thanking me for printing off the copies even though he thanked me about 10x before. I have not contacted him since.

Are we still friends anymore? Or what is going on?


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  • Will we even be friends still? sure you will


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