Girlfriend's mom always makes fun of me after 7 years?

Ive been with my girl for 7 years. Hispanic girl and family. I always do the best I can for her and I love her very much. However, her mother is a bitch to me. I used to live with them all and she never had respect for privacy, making noise at 3am. Her mom always asked me why I don't do this or do that...example: why don't you have 2 jobs. Why can't you speak Spanish. Why does my daughter cook for no matter what I do, its always a problem. Others are: you wear gray a lot, you must be depressed...or why does your hair look like that? ( I have small dreads)...don't you want to cut that it only costs 20 dollars..I've been with my girl for 7 years approximately and we have done everything together. My parents and family love her. When I used to live with them, the mother would try to force me to eat at the table with the family...her younger brother, and butt ugly older sister and the mom. They would talk Spanish only and I would get pissed because no one talked to me. I'm not out in the streets, I'm studying to be a dentist someday, even tho my grades suck lol but I have a BFA in graphic design and have lived in Miami for 7 years and I survived from Ohio, where my family live. Her father, who went back to his country, treated me with respect and often shook my hand and made me feel welcome, even tho his English was nonexistent. I really don't like the mother and often express my concerns to my girlfriend but my girlfriend doesn't seem to know what to do or say about it.

The brother is 8 years younger than me. He often wanted to play vid games with me when the family weren't around and I would do that with him but when the sis and mom came home, he would not talk to me much...the sister acts like she hates me and barely even speaks to me. I Haven't done a thing to these people and I have tried to befriend them but I didn't work. So now I have my own apartment, however, I'm curious as to why the mother has never thanked me for being a good man for her daughter...after 7 years, and why she tries to constantly put me down and tell me to do other things that will BETTER my life. Why is she like this and has anyone had a similar experience?


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  • No offense, but my first thought was a racial issue.that is the feeling that I got after reading what you wrote. Is there any chance that the mom had a problem with your being a black man dating her daughter?

    • Not from what my girlfriend tells me...thats why I'm confused

    • also people tell me I look like terrance howard so its not like I'm african black lol...just saying

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  • Probably because she has nothing better to do with her own life. All you can do is keep ignoring it like you have been.

    • i feel you man...people are ignorant as hell sometimes you kno