Can I use this when we talk?

back round: my ex and I are going to talk through Skype I been talking about this and that on this site and now I am thinking what is the best way to tell him I want to be more then friends but I need to take it slow and I want him to get to know the new me... He an artist, I thought putting it in his lingo of art that maybe how you have to put something aside to see the real beauty and maybe the flaws to fix it but is he willing to pull the art piece out to re look at it and make the changes that we need too? what you think?


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  • Can I use this when we talk? yeah


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  • It's best not to say "new me" because it really takes time and a lot of effort to change, try not to jump the gun because it's less believable.

    I guess you could use art lingo if you think he'd have trouble understanding what you want to say but you should just talk how you usually do (unless that's what caused the trouble, if so adjust accordingly).

    • I have changed a lot I know I have more too but its a correct statment the new me

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