What should I do about my girlfriend and sister?

I left my phone at home today and little sister texted my girlfriend, "I told my brother you cheated on him with one of your friends... I listen to all of your conversations he'll believe me before he believes you haha." My girlfriend responded with, "Your a selfish bitch you know that, so leave me the f*** alone got it." As soon as I get home I look at the texts and I text my girlfriend but she won't respond I get mad at my sis for my privacy. I know one of them is lying to me but how do I find out who's telling the truth and who is lying


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  • What a crazy, psychotic sister. What business is it to her?

    • Yeah I found out my sis was lying, so my aunt sent her home for starting drama.

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  • Lying about what? I'm confused..it seems pretty straight up to me. Your sister started some sh*t cause she's immature. And you're girlfriend got annoyed.

    Just appologize to your girlfriend and say it won't happen again. Put a password on your phone or better yet just guard it all the time. Tell your sister to mind her own business and grow up. Don't let her get any pleasure out of her bratty little game.

    • I apologized to my girlfriend and I had my sister sent home.

  • Ask you girlfriend straight up and tell you sister you need the truth

    • I'm either gonna be single by the end of the day, or be really pissed off at my sister for starting drama. And neither one of them are answering my texts.

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