One month later and already has a new girlfriend?


If you break up with a girl you supposedly "Loved" because your mom threw a sh*t fit and was going to kick you out unless you ended it... Would you start dating another girl barely a month later ? Plus the girl is someone that he dated years prior.


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  • Oh, honey... Don't believe the "my mommy wants us to break up" excuse. That just means he's not into you and he's willing to blame it on his mommy like a coward. I say there's a 95% chance he just didn't have the testicles to say he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore.

    Unless you were abusive, a drug addict, etc., he could have worked it out with you if he really wanted to.

    • Well his mom actually did end up hating me. She left me offensive voice mails telling me that she doesn't want her son to date me since I don't like her. I didn't like her because she was a constant liar, and she was addicted to pills. Me and her son on the otherhand, never even had one argument. According to him, we were "perfect" for each other. And the breakup came out of nowhere.

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    • Hmm. I'm sorry to hear that. Honestly, three months feels like a long time if you believe you will be together forever, IMO. Did things move fast emotionally/commitment-wise, or physically? Either way, it's sad that it happened that way and the relationship didn't last. Despite modern web magazine wisdom, I do not believe it is wise to move so fast within the first few months due to such complications. Either way, don't blame yourself; when something seems promising, it's hard not to go for it.

    • Thank you for BA! :)

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  • well us men arnt simply going to sit moping around for a couple weeks feeling bad for ourselfs arnt we, were going to get back out there and find someone better

  • He's just coping with his hurt like this.

  • It happens and I have done it

    • Why though ?

    • I am not in his head but he maybe did not love you or a girl really made him crazy for her.

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