My thought is he was not liking that I wasn't giving him attention and he decided to get it else where to get a rise out of me?

I have been talking to this guy for 2 months now. We text each other almost everyday, but never call each other. We hang out once or twice a week. Which isn't so bad to me since we have been only talking for a couple of months. He went through a divorce a year ago and also had some more complications in his life. He has been pretty honest about everything. Last night a new bar opened in our area...we hadn't talked all day but we both knew we would see each other there. A good friend of mine who is also a guy told me I should test him. Only because he hadn't spoke to me in two days. So I did exactly what a friend told me to do I put him to the test. When I first saw him in the bar I waved at him...he waved back with a smile. I decided to go greet him and see how he was doing. Then returned to my friends. I didn't give him any attention the rest of the night. He had ask all of my friends what was going on...why was I ignoring him and if I was mad at him. They acted as if they didn't know. But he never once attempted to speak to me. Later on I caught him out side making-out with another girl. I was so shocked! I went up to him tapped him on the shoulder and said "hi, are you having a good night?" He replied..."I'm having a great night." With a big grin on his face. I remarked.. You are disrespectful and walked away. So at this point I am completely confused why he would do this? My thought is he was not liking that I wasn't giving him attention and he decided to get it else where to get a rise out of me, and when he did it made him feel good. Any thoughts?


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  • What to do? Leave the guy if he's cheated on you.

    • Well we werent offically dating we have just been seeing each other

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  • Honestly I think he might like you but he's just shy about it. He asked your friends if you were mad at him and they ignored him so I think he figured he'd move on or just try and have some fun you should talk to him about it.

    • I contacted him about it. He's excuse was he never approached me because I was surround by a bunch of people all night. He said he hated himself for it, and that he pushes people away because of the things he's been through in the past. But I know players too and I'm not sure he's being real

    • Meet with him and person look him straight in they eyes and ask him you will know if he's telling you the truth. I hope it goes well for you good luck :)

      And if you have more questions just message me on here

  • Jeez! If this ever turns into something more between you two it will be a disaster. You both play games & they always end bad. As you can see.


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