I don't think he feels the same I feel or it's just me.......any suggestions?

Idk where to begin. I think that he is trying to push me into the arms of another guy. Its like he don't feel the same way as I do. every time I hear his voice and see his face via Skype I fall in love with him every time. I never felt this way about a guy before.We make each other smile when we both seem to have a bad day or something. I owe up to the mistake I made that I had sex with an ex but I felt really bad and til this day I do and the sex really didn't mean anything :(. I don't want no other guy but him. I think its just me and my imagination,By us in a long distance relationship we don't get to touch each other physically like we used to before..


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  • So are you actually in a relationship with this guy? I'm kinda confused and what do you mean you don't think he feels the same? Need more details.

    • Before I got seperated from the army he had orders to get stationed somewhere else. Note the fact that we kept in touch via text phone and Skype while he on the east coast. We even made plans to meet halfway to catch up but I had to cancel because I was having family problems

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    • And he doesn't see that as commitment? :/ I mean that's major action you took there to put yourself away from your ex...

      Tbh if you've done that and your boyfriend still doesn't trust you, I can't see it working out. He has to make a choice to accept what you've done and move on or stay hurt. The reason I say that is because you've already done something about it and now you just have to wait for him to reciprocate - that's if you want to wait (be sensible about it too).

    • Okay since you haven't actually moved yet give your boyfriend time. It has to settle in.

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  • Suggestion? Leave him.


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  • Long distant relationships are tough. I think you need to express how you feel to him.

    • Yeah they are tough. There were one point in my life where I wanted to give up because it seem crazy and I wanted to get on with my life but we fought through it trying to make it work

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