Do you think I did the right thing?

I dated my boyfriend for six months, and we met at work. He no longer works there, though. I was really sad when we broke up, and one night I sent him a text that said "I miss you." He never replied, and I hadn't talked to him at all after that. Then today, a co-worker told me that he told a bunch of our other co-workers about that text and was making fun of me. We're 25 years old, so I thought that was kind of immature. I was upset, so today I sent him a text that said " It was really douchey of you that you told all of our co-workers about that text message." Again, he never replied. Do you think that I shouldn't have done that?


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  • Honestly, you shouldn't have ever texted him that you miss him. The thing about text messaging is that its like a message in writing...once you send it, anybody and everybody can see it. And no, you shouldn't have texted him the second time either.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter whether youve done the right thing...the only thing that matters now is what you do from here on out. First off, break ups happen for a reason. I've been through a breakup of an engagement and I understand how hard it is, but you need to get past it. Do the usual breakup stuff...hide/pack away everything that reminds you of him, cry, etc.

    From here on out, let him go. Don't text him because he won't reply. Don't text him because he'll blab to his friends and make you look like a fool. He is in the wrong about sharing that text message. If he wanted to be civil, he wouldve kept that to himself, but he didn't. This guy was low and you deserve better.

    After my relationship of 8 years fell apart because my fiance cheated, she ran her mouth about me for months because I didn't take her back...she trashed me, insulted me, destroyed some of my friendships, and so forth. I on the otherhand, kept my mouth shut...didn't say a word about her because she didn't deserve the attention. Now, a year later, I've recovered all of my friendships and she's lost hers.

    Point being, be the better person. Ignore his existence...don't give him the attention...let him go. I promis, it will bother him that you're not texting him anymore, but even that doesn't matter. Move on and find someone you deserve.

    Good luck :)

    • Wow I am so sorry to hear about your ex-fianc? :(. Awesome reply though I was going to say the same thing and I fully agree. He is a douche for doing that to you, it's disrespectful and you need to show him that you are above that, so don't text back! Even if you are ITCHING to!

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  • you did nothing wrong.

    he shouldn't have done that. it was immature and inappropriate to talk about that with co workers that you know.

    just forget about him and if you see him - ignore him. don't even say 'hi.'

  • You did nothing wrong at all. The worlds full of asses & you got mixed up with one. Not your fault.

  • Do you think that I shouldn't have done that? No, you did the right thing.


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