What does this mean when a guy, so randomly asks a girl for directions but yet he goes the other way?

Ok Today I really thought that this was weird, I was getting some gas and while I was getting gas, a guy drove up with his truck and I thought you know, since he was backing in and out that he was trying to straightening up to put gas in the car, but yet he didn't, he sat there about a minute a or 2, then he decided to raise down his window and ask for me for directions, so I told him where to go, and (he said OK that way) and ( I told him yeah), so he drove off and went the other way and I was like OK that was weird. Like somebody please tell me what was that all about, because this is the first time ever encounter something weird like this lol! Because they did have other people for him to asks, but the way he did it was weird lol!


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  • he is just weird

    • It was weird on how he did it he back up multiple times and the paused a little bit then asks for directions, but just like some guy said who asks for directions anymore if, you have gps system an another guyt told me he tried to pick me but couldn't because they had people out there.

  • maybe he was just double checking something.

    • Double checking what he was backing up multiple times to act like he was going to put gas in the car. One guy told me who asks for directions anymore with gps systems out there and another guy told me that he tried to pick me up but couldn't it was too many people out there on the highway.

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