What should I do about my girlfriend?

I love my girlfriend so much, but I feel very neglected by her. She babysits her one year old cousin everyday, she does chores everyday because she lives at home, and she recently moved to a new house. She always says she'll promise to text me or call me but then she falls asleep so In frustration I called her a bad girlfriend and I told her brother that I will break up with her forever if she can't find time for me. This is how I feel, and she will see the texts of how I feel because I'm flat out tired and I'm close to dumping her how will she feel.


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  • Dude , grow up a notch! Yes.. this is immature what you're doing here. . the girl is busy , maybe you need to get busy too .. I know you love her, trust me we have all been there at some point , but don't let it affect you negatively .. plus she is not neglecting you , she is actually sending really nice texts that sound like love to me .. its just that she doesn't have that much free time for you .. maybe in time she will get more free time .. I don't know .. try to get busier yourself .. let her taste from her own medicine .. don't be available all the time , maybe that's why she doesn't do much effort to call or text ..good luck


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  • Well she is busy and understandably so... but if you really want more attention you know that right now you cannot get it from her so the only thing to do is break up unless you are prepared to wait... which it sounds like you're not.

    If it's the promises that she makes and breaks just tell her to stop making promises to you. :/

    • If she doesn't have much time why don't you try to make it quality over quantity? Don't bother calling her unless it's to meet up, same with texts and meet up and have a good time?

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    • How will you respond to that?

      It's good that she said she wanted to change for herself, thumbs up for that!

    • I let her know that if she's too busy to text me or call me during the day (she usually calls me at night) then we should break up forever.

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  • You're ALWAYS close to dumping her. She hears it 3 or 4 times a week.

    • No I'm not... I "assume"too much and I need to do a thing called "asking"

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