Why does she text me and tell me its good to see me?

So this girl I have a long history with, and am even in love with, doesn't seem to want to date me, or even talk with me, will see me at work (at walmart) and then text me later saying it was good to see me.

I offer her my support when I know she is having a hard time, but she never really tells me a lot. I tell her that I think she is a wonderful person and she says I am too nice to her. I say we should hang out and she give me some excuse.

To me it seems like she isn't interested, so why tell me it was good to see me?


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  • It seems like she just likes your company, and values your friendship. If she was interested in you more than just a friend, she would pay you more attention.

  • I guess to let you know that she cares about you in some way. Glad that you're okay or something like that.

    • But why? Her actions always seem to lead me to believe she doesn't care. And to me it seems like she can go days or even weeks without seeing me and not text me once, but the day she sees me she almost always texts me later that night

    • I'd assume she's doing it in the looking after you way (even though she's not really). I don't really know why... just general concern but not really committed enough to take that anywhere, even with basic friendship?

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